Why spending thousands of dollars to replace your armchairs and sofas… while you can get them professionally cleaned by our firm  in less than an hour.

Our upholstery cleaning method will leave your furniture clean and completely disinfected without the hassle of removing it from your home. Arcola upholstery cleaning experts always perform the appropriate upholstery cleaning according to the type of your upholstery fabric. Also Arcola upholstery cleaners have a system for cleaning all types of fabric and soil levels.

 Upholstery Cleaning system

We first analyze your furniture to determine the proper technique, especially for problematic areas.

We use special, and heated cleaning solution to loosen embedded dirt in the upholstery fabric.  Next step will be to use hot water extraction technology for thorough fiber rinse. Hot extraction rinsing will remove dirt and all cleaning solution previously applied. This is the most advanced method  to remove dust, dirt and other unsightly and unhealthy particles from your upholstery or other surfaces covered with fabric.

Hot water extraction benefits

Hot water extraction is known to be one of the best solutions to disinfect, clean and deodorize fabrics. Arcola upholstery cleaning system will extend your furniture life. Most important, this system is highly beneficial to the people with sensitive skin or to the people that have problem with allergies.

 Arcola upholstery cleaning tools

Our technicians are equipped with the latest selection of the non-toxic and environmentally friendly chemicals. They are carefully selected to revive the true color of your furniture and to avoid discoloration. Your upholstery will be a refreshing also getting a new and long-lasting look at the same time.

100% satisfaction

Once again we upholstery cleaning ensure 100% customer satisfaction. The equipment we use is specially selected and designed to perform professional upholstery cleaning to all of our customers. The results speak for themselves: cleaner upholstery, longer furniture life and improved air quality.